Argodeal.com is a retailing and electronic commerce company based in Dubai, UAE. It’s an E-Commerce platform based on the idea of ‘customer first’. Rather than a catchphrase, we provide up to 5% cashback as an additional discount on every purchase.

Today’s digital marketplaces are driven by volume-selling by predominantly 3rd party sellers. The e-commerce companies provide the e-commerce platform as a service to the sellers and use artificial intelligence based systems & ads to support them while taking a margin out of each transaction. We are completely disrupting the status quo by stocking & selling our inventory directly to the customers after a thorough quality check and safety procedures. The extra profits we earn by eliminating the 3rd party sellers & the middle man commissions, using advanced automation & AI-based systems will go direct to the member customers as an additional discount into their Argodeal’s virtual wallet. The members can redeem the discount on the following purchases.

Every customer of Argodeal.com will get up to 5% cashback as additional discount on all the purchases they make into their Argodeal’ virtual wallet. The discount applies to every product we sell on the online store.

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On every purchase. Valid to all products
100% replacement guarantee
For Compatible batteries, adapters, keyboards & screens